• The Mayor of Torrance Visit the International Education Project
  • Date:2016-02-04

On 22 October, as invited by Merchant Marco Education Investment Management Co., Ltd, the guests from Torrance, California, USA, Mr. Patric Furey - the mayor of Torrance and Mr. Steven Hsiao - the Chairman of the Municipal Council, came to visit the international education project which is located in Liangzhu Culture Village. There was a cordial and friendly conversation between guests and the Chairman of BH Group. 

Torrance is a political and cultural center of the Southwest California, United States. Almost 80% of dignitaries of California, Los Angeles County are living there. Toyota Motor and Honda Motor chose this city to establish their company headquarters, as well as the nation's largest helicopter manufacturer and the top 100 five-star private hospitals. Meanwhile, Torrance owns very high-quality educational resources and experiences. As known, the Chadwick School is a well-known elite school and the BMHS California is famous school, and continuously cultivate a lot of Ivy League students.

At the Intent of Investment Meeting of Hangzhou Liangzhu International School held on 24 October, our company representatives introduced to our guest about the city of Hangzhou and the educational development. Furthermore, based on our international education project, both parties discussed the topics including how to combine Torrance’s education resources, through the effective and multilateral cooperation to settle the issues of policies, land, funding and resources, etc., in purpose to establish a high standard international schools at our historic city Hangzhou. This international education project aims to establish an international school which covers area of 300 china acres, the curriculums from kindergarten to high school, and aim to educate and cultivate the international talented students with global vision and diversification abilities. 

Zhang Hong Jian, the Vice Chairman of Hangzhou CPPCC and the deputy party secretary, Chen Shu Long, the Secretary-General of City Council on Foreign Relations, and Xu Lingdi, the Deputy District Mayor participated in this Meeting.