Hangzhou Merchant Marco International School Project

According to the international standards with top class teaching and management team, Baohang Holdings' Merchant Marco Education Investment Company plans to spend around RMB 550 million, to jointly establish "Hangzhou Merchant Marco International School" with Board of Education California Torrance and the American Rutgers Preparatory Schools.

"Running School For People, Cultivate Talent For Country" is our school mission, stand on domestic education system, provide from kindergarten to high school total fifteen years basic education, effectively integrated with Chinese and International advanced curriculum and educational philosophy. The school admissions are toward to local students and international students, provide two-way immersion bilingual education and advocate the holistic education. We committed to have all-round development of students in aspects of intellectual, emotional, physique, social, etc.

To cultivate student to become a quality citizen and contemporary talents, the school will emphasis on the traditional Chinese cultural heritage and the international cultural understanding.

The school will covers the size of about 300 china acres and the building area is over 100,000 square meters, total of 90 classes, with about 2700 student. All are in small classes with bilingual teaching, we wish to create a new benchmark in Zhejiang province as well as the mainland of China International School.

The project is responsible by Hangzhou Merchant Marco Education Investment Management Co., Ltd. The company owns its professional management team with advanced educational philosophy, in plenty of education experience and operational experience. Under the local government supports, we work together with international finance forums and international education agencies, to integrate the multi-parties educational resources, in aim to become a professional education investment institutions with unique influence in China.