• “Golden Star Award" over Merchant Marco Hotel
  • Date:2016-02-04

After six month opened and fair selection process, Merchant Marco Hotel is successfully obtained the 3rd China Hotel Golden Star Award on 28 October 2015. The award is sponsored by China Tourist Hotels Association.

“The China Hotel Golden Star Award " is the highest honor in the Chinese hotel industry, which held every 2 years. Without any commercial influences, the China Hotel Golden Star Award is seen as an indicator of Chinese hotels' development by the media and the industry.  Hotels which win this award are regarded as role models of quality within the whole industry.  The China Hotel Golden Star Award is committed to recognize the best hotels all over the country to show the world the excellent service model of Chinese hotels. 

The selection process of the award is through the Internet polling by domestic guests and foreign tourists, the third-party platform provided online customer evaluation survey, polling by China Tourist Hotels Association Council, and the expert assessment, finally 100 outstanding hotels are selected for this award, which candidates are over 14000 hotels. Assessment based on seven main criteria which are management policy, services, facilities, personnel development, creativity, energy saving and social responsibility. 

Merchant Marco Hotel with its distinctive style, delicate cultural environment and warmest services, successfully help our guests to build up the brand loyalty. Mr. Zhang Wei, the General Manager of the hotel attended this ceremony and received this award.