• 《HOOP》Receives Award of "Top 100 Digital Influencers 2016"
  • Date:2016-09-29
  The result of "Top 100 Digital Influencers 2016" is published on China (Wuhan) Journal Trade Fair recently. The event is sponsored by Journal Fair Organizing Committee. The HOOP magazine produced by Global News Publishing Industrial Co., Ltd, obtained the great honor and is being listed in "Top 100 Digital Influencers 2016" in two consecutive years.

The selection event lasted for three months, mainly based on third-party data sources, including: Cnki.net, Newrank, Toutiao.com, Qikan.com.cn, 183read.com, bookan, dooland.com, 1xuezhe.com, Chaoxing, Weibo, WeChat and so on. The exclusive data analysis is performed by the well-known institutions WEIBOREACH. After group of expert's final assessment, 100 excellent Journals were selected for this honor. 

In the new situation, the developing trend of paper media is harder. How to survive in transformation and innovation is a big problem. HOOP Magazine is keeping with the trend of times. It is full of positive energy for young people who love sports and life. It deserves awards.